Formed and breaded fish mince, 5kg
Code: C054684
Barcode: 4740056076418
Hoki fish AJ FOOD, beer battered, frozen 750g
Code: U5052E2
Barcode: 5907222416341
Fish fingers COLUMBUS, weighed, 5 kg
Code: V507108
Barcode: 4740056091664
Fish fingers FJORD's, 250g
Code: U5181CT
Barcode: 4771459074923
Fish fingers FJORD's, 450g
Code: U5181CS
Barcode: 4771459074930
VICI Crab claws breaded with natural pincer, 5 kg
Code: C016577
Barcode: 4770190037037
VICI Fish fillet snack 65% 5 kg ( 50 pcs x 100 g)
Code: C016861
Barcode: 4740056072540
Hake Fillet, in vorm, breaded, baked, frozen, 1kg
Code: C017171
Barcode: 8432145003974
Fish burgers, VICI, 62g, 5kg
Code: C023917
Barcode: 4740056094627