BLACK ANGUS USA shoulder beef steak, ~220 g
Code: C015060
Barcode: 23548111
Frozen minced meat (100% beef), 1kg
Code: C015364
Barcode: 4740653000175
Frozen Beef liver VANAEMA KÖÖK, 1-1,5 kg
Code: C046780
Barcode: 5199364
Beef tube bone frozen, ~ 1.2kg
Code: C054449
Barcode: 23189095
Beef shoulder, frozen, vacuum ~4,5kg
Code: C055471
Barcode: 23168013
Beef doner sliced & roasted kebab frozen 1 kg
Code: C056660
Barcode: 5902808122579
Beef tenderloin, frozen ~1kg
Code: C056904
Barcode: 23579502
Beef striploin, frozen, vacuum ~1,5kg
Code: C057004
Barcode: 23168161
no image
Frozen beef shoulder boneless HALAL, kg
Code: U519H2F
Barcode: 2535300
no image
The Meat Lovers Picanha staek, AUS,300g
Code: U51H21K
Barcode: 8718546168321
no image
The Meat Lovers Ribeye staek SA grasfed, NL, 250g
Code: U51H21M
Barcode: 8719661036304
no image
Beef steak, with bone, USA, 500g
Code: U51H21U
Barcode: 4771459053225
no image
Frozen beef cheek meat, vacuum, ~ 3kg
Code: V51A89E
Barcode: 2528737
no image
Frozen beef shoulder 15kg
Code: V51K520
Barcode: 2597562
Frozen beef striploin, vacuum, ~1,5 kg
Code: X406447
Barcode: 23335368
Minced meat SAAREMAA beef, frozen 1kg
Code: C054392
Barcode: 4740189022351
Beef entrecote frozen, ~2kg
Code: A001561
Barcode: 22031100
Frozen bovine tongue, ~1.5kg
Code: C015062
Barcode: 23099695
RAKVERE Beef tenderl. frozen, 1,2-1,8kg
Code: C014317
Barcode: 23603166
Beef, in a vacuum, frozen, ~2kg
Code: C002300
Barcode: 23171074