BOUNTY Trio 85g
Code: C053713
Barcode: 4011100038653
Snickers Crisp Trio 60g
Code: C052184
Barcode: 4607065738204
TWIX Xtra Chocolate bar 75g
Code: C050105
Barcode: 5900951028502
Chocolate Twix 50g
Code: C050106
Barcode: 5000159459228
Chocolate bar TWIX White, 46 g
Code: M01691A
Barcode: 5000159486972
Chocolate bar TWIX 4pack, 200 g
Code: C001575
Barcode: 5000159384476
SNICKERS TRIO 112.5 g (37.5 x3)
Code: X308576
Barcode: 5900951258978
SNICKERS 10pack 500g
Code: X406253
Barcode: 5000159382731
Chocolate SNICKERS 2-pack Super, 75 g (2 x 37,5 g)
Code: C001571
Barcode: 5900951027307
BOUNTY Dark 57g
Code: C050210
Barcode: 40111001
Chocolate bar BOUNTY 4pack, 228 g
Code: C001562
Barcode: 5000159454452
BOUNTY Chocolate bar 57 g
Code: C001561
Barcode: 40111216
MARS 2pack (twin) sgl 70g
Code: X405518
Barcode: 5000159502955
Chocolate MARS, 51 g
Code: M0A1073
Barcode: 5000159407236
Chocolate bar SNICKERS 4pack, 200 g
Code: C001572
Barcode: 5000159384209
SNICKERS Chocolate bar 50 g
Code: C001570
Barcode: 5000159461122
Milk chocolate Toblerone, 50 g
Code: C016348
Barcode: 76145513
TOBLERONE Milk chocolate 100g
Code: C005119
Barcode: 7614500010013
TOBLERONE Dark chocolate 100g
Code: C005121
Barcode: 7622200125746
TOBLERONE White chocolate 100g
Code: C005120
Barcode: 7614500010310
Milk chocolate TOBLERONE  Almond, 100 g
Code: C046866
Barcode: 7622300710613
DAIM Chocolate bar 56g
Code: C005125
Barcode: 7310511257507
DAIM Chocolate bar 28g
Code: C005115
Barcode: 7622300335533
Chocolate bar DAIM 4 x 28 g
Code: C017984
Barcode: 7310510002498
Bar with nuts, seeds KALEV, dark chocolate, 40g
Code: C045472
Barcode: 4740012027539
Bar with nuts, berries KALEV, dark chocolate, 44g
Code: C045473
Barcode: 4740012027546
KISMET Chocolate countline 55g
Code: C011387
Barcode: 6411401014826
GEISHA chocolate countline 37g
Code: C011385
Barcode: 6411401019029
NESTLE LION bar, 42 g
Code: A003670
Barcode: 5900862018562
Chocolate bar TUPLA Maxi, 50g
Code: C018720
Barcode: 6420256014295