Various blossom honey VINNIS, 1 kg, in bucket
Code: A003500
Barcode: 4750241001279
Jam PURE Apricot 77.7%, 410g
Code: A004182
Barcode: 4750145023285
Jam  PURE cherry 77.7%, 410g
Code: A004183
Barcode: 4750145023292
Wild berry jam PURE 420g
Code: A004507
Barcode: 4750145022509
KÜLLUS Strawberry jam 3,2kg
Code: C011635
Barcode: 4741129043542
KÜLLUS Raspberry jam 3,2kg
Code: C011638
Barcode: 4741129043443
KÜLLUS Home berry jam, baking resistant, 3,2 kg
Code: C011639
Barcode: 4741129043245
MEVEDA Estonian honey 500g
Code: C011819
Barcode: 4740250000226
MEVEDA Estonian honey 2kg
Code: C011823
Barcode: 4740250000073
D'ARBO Strawberry jam, 100 x 25 g
Code: C014542
Barcode: 9001432015878
D'ARBO Raspberry jam, 100 x 25 g
Code: C014543
Barcode: 9001432015830
D'ARBO Cherry jam, 100 x 25 g
Code: C014545
Barcode: 9001432015823
Honey VINNIS natural, 20 g x 66
Code: C017640
Barcode: 4750241011100
Cherry jam, baking resistant, 1 kg
Code: C017949
Barcode: 4741129017277
Küllus Raspberry jam 1 kg
Code: C017950
Barcode: 4741129017161
Strawberry jam KÜLLUS 1 kg
Code: C017952
Barcode: 4741129017123
GRANJA Honey 425g
Code: C020552
Barcode: 8434164441836
Jam PURE mango-pineapple 77.7%, 410g
Code: C021459
Barcode: 4750145023384
Lingonberry Jam PÕLTSAMAA 3kg
Code: C045207
Barcode: 4740029045762
Fig Spread 77,7% PURE 410g
Code: C049711
Barcode: 4750145023476
Passion fruit sauce PURE 300g
Code: C049712
Barcode: 4750145046062
Bilberry Jam MEIE MARI 350g
Code: C050504
Barcode: 4740073074732
Cloudberry jam MEIE MARI  350g
Code: C050505
Barcode: 4740073074671
EESTIMOOS, Blueberry jam whole berries, 3 kg
Code: C050652
Barcode: 4744232011507
EESTIMOOS, Cranberry jam whole berries, 3 kg
Code: C050653
Barcode: 4744232010326
EESTIMOOS, Blackcurrant-rasberri jam, 3 kg
Code: C050657
Barcode: 4744232010265
Lingonberry jam MEIE MARI 350g
Code: C050770
Barcode: 4740073074701
Raspberry jam, MEIE MARI 350g
Code: C052761
Barcode: 4740073074718
Strawberry jam, MEIE MARI 350g
Code: C052762
Barcode: 4740073074688
Apple jam, MEIE MARI 350g
Code: C052763
Barcode: 4740073074909
Apricose jam PURE low-calories 390g
Code: C053217
Barcode: 4750145046475
BIO PURE jam Strawberry PŪRE 400g
Code: C053369
Barcode: 4750145046277
BIO PURE jam Raspberry PŪRE 400g
Code: C053370
Barcode: 4750145046284
Plum jam PURE low-calories  390g
Code: C053373
Barcode: 4750145046444
Grated apple with sugar, 480 g
Code: C053506
Barcode: 4770583207467
Apple-pear jam low-calories PURE 390g
Code: C053939
Barcode: 4750145046451
BIO jam Blueberry PŪRE 400g
Code: C053940
Barcode: 4750145046291
Mango puree 5 kg
Code: C054314
Barcode: 4744232012351
Strawberry jam KÜLLUS 400g
Code: PRIA267
Cranberry jam VILROKA , 1kg
Code: V26P9AF
Barcode: 4770336213141
Strawberry jam, 330 g
Code: V33017J
Barcode: 4770583218166
Various blossom honey VINNIS, 0.3 kg
Code: A000391
Barcode: 4750241111220
Various blossom honey VINNIS, 0.5 kg
Code: A000392
Barcode: 4750241111237
NUTELLA Chocolate spread with hazelnuts 600g
Code: C003259
Barcode: 8000500179864
Honey VINNIS with syrup,  0,5 kg, bucket
Code: A000393
Barcode: 4750241037131
Jam PURE Cloudberry, 420g
Code: A003505
Barcode: 4750145022462