Mackerel in oil, 240 g
Code: U260333
Barcode: 4750398902672
LIBAVA Pike in oil 180g (easy open)
Code: A002713
Barcode: 4750571003530
DIAMIR Anchovy fillet in olive oil, 90g
Code: C051194
Barcode: 8436007950246
Herring in juice with oil, 240 g
Code: U260353
Barcode: 4750398900159
LIBAVA Pike in jelly (180g. Easy open)
Code: A000406
Barcode: 4750571003523
Tuna in vegetable oil aluminium pouch 1 kg
Code: A003903
Barcode: 8436033879764
Cod liver AVEKTRA, 120g
Code: C046525
Barcode: 4740689005014
Atlantic Natural Sardines with oil LIBAVA, 240g
Code: C046794
Barcode: 4750571001543
LIBAVA Sprats in oil with chili, 180g, (easy open)
Code: A000874
Barcode: 4750571002014
BLIK, Tuna, pieces, in oil, 185 g
Code: A002677
Barcode: 4750234101726
RISTORIS Anchovies in fillets, 700g/420g
Code: C022575
Barcode: 8056515240600
Cod in oil LIBAVA, 180g (easy open)
Code: C046796
Barcode: 4750571002250
LIBAVA Sprats in oil  240g (easy open)
Code: A003666
Barcode: 4750571001345
Cod liver KAPTEN GRANT 230g
Code: C047690
Barcode: 4740687000363
BLIK Tuna fish in own juice 185g
Code: A002678
Barcode: 4750234101733
Baltic sardines in oil LIBAVA, 240g (easy open)
Code: C046795
Barcode: 4750571001390
LIBAVA Sprats in oil  240g (easy open)
Code: C052106
Barcode: 4750571001345
LA PERLA SUPERIORE Tuna chunks in oil 1,4 kg
Code: C007711
Barcode: 4006795309126
Atlantic mackerel in oil, 240g
Code: C046379
Barcode: 4750252037236
LA PERLA Tuna chunks in brine 3kg
Code: C020431
Barcode: 4006795846485
Tuna pieces BLIK in own juice 1.85kg
Code: C049488
Barcode: 4750234101955
LA PERLA Tuna chunks in brine 1,35 kg
Code: C007714
Barcode: 4006795384123
Natural mackerel in oil, 240g (easy open)
Code: C046920
Barcode: 4750571001567
Smoked Baltic herring in opil, 240g (easy open)
Code: C046921
Barcode: 4750571001413